Detox Retreat by

El Grullo Naturista

The Detox retreat by El Grullo Naturista is based on natural medicine. The final goal is to cleanse the body, deswell it for a proper functioning, nourish it, and generate peace and tranquility so that it can enjoy a refreshing rest

The therapies you take while in our Detox retreat deswell your body and get it to recover, work better and repair itself. This way, your health issues will get better and better until you reach a state of wellbeing.

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per person, per night

Daily Detox Program

The detox retreat it’s a program with different treatments and activities during a day, that you repeat everyday for at least 3 days that will help you to prevent and repair diseases at your body in a naturist way. Don’t worry, at El Grullo Naturista the Samaritans will provide you everything you need during your stay to follow the program.

Moist Cold-Water Compresses

Walking barefoot on wet grass or sand

Steam room

Take a flaxseed with nuts

Seath bath


Mud mask

Colon cleansings

Onion compresses

Application of mud on the belly


Seath bath

Dinner fruit

Mud poultices on abdomen and back

Dorsal Poultice

Points to consider
  • At El Grullo Naturista you will find guests who are not participating in the Detox Retreat. Their diet will be different, more like what you are used to in your daily life. It is important to mention this situation because it allows you to know what your life will be like if you decide to continue with the naturist food regime once you are out of here.
  • For some people, it is easier to take the Detox Retreat in groups, as they prefer to feel the support of friends or family. At El Grullo Naturista we offer you the ideal conditions to make your experience a pleasant one.
  • Immediate changes occur in each person differently. 30% of participants experience discomfort due to the suspension of drugs like soda, cigarette, or alcohol. This discomfort is called withdrawal syndrome. It is not pleasant, but indeed helpful because it means your organism is cleansing itself.
  • Present in all the packed products, salt is responsible for high blood pressure. While in the Detox Retreat, the amount of salt in your body will decrease and so will your blood pressure. This may cause dizziness, which will go away when your organism gets accustomed to your new and healthier pressure.
Terms and conditions
  1. Detox rates are per person, are based on the maximum room capacity. Government-issued photo identification and a credit card or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges. Rate showed are based on our Basic Casita unit. Prepayment is required. You will be charged for the 50% of the total after making your reservation as deposit guarantee. The remaining balance will be charged once you arrive at the hotel, at front desk. Guarantee deposit must be made within 24-hours of your reservation being confirmed.
  2. Valid booking from now to July 31st, 2021. Travel dates: from now through December 19th, 2021.
  3. In order to get 7th night free of charge, it is required to previously stay 6 nights consecutively.
  4. Not valid for groups or weddings.
  5. Complementary WiFi Internet service included.
  6. Also, all our general Terms & Conditions will apply in combination: