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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions  

Please take time to read these terms and conditions governing the El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel website. By accessing this website, you agree to accept, without limitation or criterion, all of these terms and conditions of use. The disclaimer does not apply for groups or weddings which will have specific terms & conditions. 


  • Room rates shown on the El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel website are charged on a per room per night basis. 
  • Special Internet rates are only valid when booking through ElGrulloNaturista.com.mx. 
  • All rates quoted in US dollars will be converted into local currency (MXP) upon settlement. 
  • All rates are subject to  any government taxes. 
  • Room rates and details are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. 

Hotel Reservations 

  • Bookings may be made online ElGrulloNaturista.com.mx, through our call center or by calling us directly. 
  • Reservations are required prior to arrival. 
  • Reservations are only valid with a Guarantee Deposit. 
  • Reservation inquiries are not confirmed automatically and will be replied to within 1 working days. 

Check-in, Check-out and extra charges: 

  • Check-in is not later than 3:00 p.m. CST 
  • Check-out is at 12:00 a.m. CST 
  • At check in it will be required a deposit payment of $100 USD which will be refunded at the check-out. This deposit could be used or apply to cover any consumes or charges during the hotel stay. 
  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice. 
  • Kids from 0-6 stay free applies for both Room Only and Meal Included plan.
  • We don´t recommend bringing kids 6 years or younger on booking under Detox Plan. 
  • There are not refunds on early check-out.
  • Late Checkout – Rate of $25 usd + tax per extra hour until 19-00 hours on Room only plan. 
  • Extra Adult – Fee of $ 50 usd + tax per extra person on Room only plan. 
  • Extra Child – Fee of $ 25 usd + tax per extra person on Room only plan. 
  • Extra Adult – Fee of $ 100 usd per night in AI plan 
  • Extra Child – Fee of $50.00 Per night in AI plan 

Guarantee Deposit Policy 

  • A deposit is required to guarantee your reservation, although subject to change depending on the season booked (holidays and special dates may require more than one night deposit or the total balance prepaid). The remaining balance will be charged once you arrive to the hotel, at front desk. Guarantee deposit must be made through the next 24-hours after your reservation has been completed. 
  • Your deposit should be transferred to El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel confirming your payment by emailing a copy of your transfer receipt. 
  • All reservations are subject to a fifty percent guarantee deposit with the remaining balance due at check-in. 
  • Government-issued photo identification and a credit card or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges. 


A credit/debit card is required at the time of booking. All payments should be made to El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel. If providing credit card details, we will use the information confidentially for further processing. A Guarantee Deposit (including room rate, tax, service, meals and any extra services requested) will be required to confirm your reservation. 

Change, Cancellation and NO-SHOW Policy 

  • Changes to your reservation and confirmation thereof is subject to room availability. 
  • Cancellations or changes must be made 15 or more days before arrival to avoid a full deposit charge as cancellation fee.  
  • Cancellations made 15 or more days before arrival will be entitled to a refund less a charge of 20% of the deposit paid.
  • There is no refund if the cancellation is given 14 or less days before arrival, or on the day of arrival, or if the client does not arrive (no-show) or leaves early for any reason.
  • In any case, the alternative of granting a credit will be offered to reschedule the stay during the 12 months subsequent to the cancellation date, according to availability. Said credit is for personal enjoyment and cannot be transferred to a third party. To protect your investment, consider travel insurance. 

Minimum Stay and Rental Rates 

  • Weekdays: 1 night 
  • Weekends 1 nights 
  • Peak Season: 3 nights 

Cancellations made on the date of arrival or no shows will be subject to a charge for the full deposit. Shortened stays will be subject to a charge for the full length of the reservation. Cancellation policy is not valid for non-refundable special promotions. 

Meal Inclusive Plan & Detox Plan 

  • Kids refers to individuals under 12 years old. 
  • Meal-Inclusive plan are subject to a surcharge per night per extra child. 
  • We don´t recommend to bring kids on the Detox Plan. 
  • Meal-Inclusive & Detox plans are subject to a surcharge per night per extra adult. 
  • Unless otherwise expressly stated, no changes or cancellation will be allowed for promotional bookings 

Vacation Certificates 

  • Vacation Certificate option is available from a minimum stay of 1 nights. 
  • Nights must be consecutive. Valid for the number of guests under the plan that you purchased.  
  • Valid for travel from the third day after date of purchase. 
  • Vacation Certificate expires one year from the date of purchase. 
  • The rates displaying does not include taxes and/or service fees. 
  • This offer is only valid for new reservations and can’t be combined with any other promotions. Merchant cancellation/rescheduling policy and fees apply once booking is made. 
  • Vacation Certificates are not refundable.
  • Vacations Certificates are transferable without any limitation. 
  • To redeem vacation certificates, reservation must be made 7 days or more before arrival. You can only redeem certificates direct with the Hotel trough Contact Center or Website request. 

Hotel Facilities 

Some of the Hotel’s facilities are free of charge while others incur a surcharge. Please confirm or contact us to avoid misconceptions. The Hotel is not and shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned by, or in the custody of the Client or its guests, employees, agents or contractors, or the external suppliers.  

If you or any member of your party require special facilities, please advise us when you request your booking. 

Guests must keep their valuables out of reach of outsiders. El Grullo Naturista will not be responsible for the loss of any jewels or valuables left unattended in the rooms.

No pets are allowed. 


  • You may not bring the following into the Hotel: pets or livestock; pillows, bed sheets, duvets or other items of bedding; any electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes. 
  • El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any room immediately without notice to you and to charge you for any costs incurred for taking such action. 

Guest Behavior 

You are expected to conduct yourself at all times in an orderly and acceptable manner and not to disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your booking and the booking of any members of your party if we (acting reasonably) deem your conduct to be in breach of this clause. 

Conduct that we reasonably consider inappropriate includes but is not limited to: 

  • Creating an inappropriate level of noise 
  • Drunken or unruly behavior 
  • Any behavior which other guests or staff find offensive in any way. 

We will at all times act reasonably when making any determination under this clause. In the event that we terminate your booking, you will be required to leave your accommodation immediately. You will be held liable for any damage or loss caused by you or a member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid prior to your departure. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you. 

Our obligations to you come to an end when the booking is terminated. We will have no obligation to refund you for lost accommodation and we will not pay for any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination. 

We may send you news and information electronically with details of special offers and promotions. Should you no longer wish to receive these emails, an unsubscribe link will be featured on each message we send to you, alternatively you may send a blank email to unsubscribe@ElGrulloNaturista.com.mx El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel. We will not share your details with any third party. 

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Mexico. 

Energetic Fruits

  • Sweet or semi-sweet fruit: papaya, mamey, persimmons, figs, mangos, peaches, apples, pears, apricots, guavas, pomegranates, and bananas.
  • You can combine two kinds of these fruits with whole wheat bread and honey or agave nectar
  • Oatmeal atole, prepared with water instead of milk. You can add raisins, blueberries, prunes, or dates

Detox Fruits

  • Citrus fruits: tangerines, pineapple, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, kiwis, raspberries, and blackberries
  • You can combine two kinds of these fruits with walnuts or almonds

Cleansing Fruits 

  • Watermelon, melon, nances, grapes, cherries, plums, pitayas, prickly pears, or currants.
  • We recommend not combining these fruits with other fruits

Neutral Fruits

  • Strawberry, jicama, avocado, coconut, or nectarine

Deep tissue massage:

Massage is one of the most effective treatments, helping to release muscle tension, stress, and helps blood circulation.

Colon cleanse:


  • This service can be performed with 1 liter of flaxseed, natural, lemon, coffee, or garlic water
  • First, we’ll apply one liter of water and wait for you to go to the bathroom
  • Then, we’ll perform the irrigation with the recommended water for your specific case

Deep Colonic Irrigation:

Intensive cleaning of the entire body through the colon. Through a semi-fasting process, your intention is to eliminate the waste that exists in the intestine.

20 liter cleanse.

* Therapy is an additional cost. Authorization and prior consultation with the iridologist are required.

Aerobic Exercise:

Our lymphatic system is an essential part of our immune system, and through aerobic exercise, we aim to help it detox your body.

We recommend:

  • Wearing comfortable clothes and suitable footwear to carry out your exercise routine
  • If you’ve never exercised before, start with a 5-10-minute walk and gradually increase the time
  • Practice low-impact exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, etc.

This is an essential therapy that helps your body effectively detox by activating your elimination organs.

Laughing is also an essential part of this therapy because laughter stimulates our entire body to function better.

How does it help?

  • Laughing for at least one continuous minute every day gives you a sense of well-being and happiness
  • The vibrations caused by laughter will help you maintain a stable emotional system, free of depression or anxiety, and a healthy immune system

Hot Onion Compresses:

  • We blend 200 grams of onion, add boiling water, mix well and let it rest for ten minutes
  • We then strain it and use the water to soak a cotton cloth and create compresses to put on your skin
  • The compresses are covered with a woolen cloth, and left for five minutes, (they’re renewed three to five times)
  • When finished, you’ll receive a cold-water rub

For our mud poultice, we use soil from the region, without chemicals or fertilizers.

  • First, we moist the soil with water and allow it to rest for a few minutes, then we stir it with a piece of wood or a spatula until its texture is like a balm
  • Next, we spread the mud on several newspaper sheets (previously cut to the size of the desired body part) and spread a uniform layer of mud on these
  • If applied to the stomach, the thickness shouldn’t be more than half a centimeter. If used anywhere else, the thickness can be up to 5 centimeters

Stinging nettle therapy  

  • Soak a cotton cloth or towel in cold water and squeeze the excess water
  • Apply stinging nettles to the skin to reduce inflammation 
  • Apply it onto your hot skin (on the desired area) by covering it with a dry wool stick
  • Wrap it loosely with a cotton cloth (raincoat, linen, or blanket)

This bath is prepared similarly to the genital bath.

Once you’re sitting on the table:

  • We’ll give you a moistened, thick cotton or linen cloth (facial towel) to gently rub your lower abdomen for 15 minutes
  • Make sure only to rub your lower abdomen and exclude your genitals
  • When finished, get dress without drying yourself

To apply the derivative baths (seating, genital, vital, etc.), we recommend you follow these instructions:

  • Before your bath: walk exposing yourself to the sun for a minimum of five minutes, to warm your skin
  • After your bath: walk exposing yourself to the sun for five to ten minutes
  • What cures is not the cold water but your body’s reaction to the heat

This service involves:

  • Putting water in a tub so that when you sit in it, the water covers up to your groins
  • You’ll then take water with one hand and use it to rub your lower abdomen from right to left and from top to bottom, on both sides
  • When finished, shake off the excess water and get dress without drying yourself

Our steam bath, also known as blood washing, requires a unique cabinet, so in this practice, we will only indicate blood washing in the sun.

During this service:

  • You’ll be lying on the ground with your head in the shade
  • Your naked body will be covered with a sheet, or wool blanket, and exposed to the sun to sweat for 20 minutes to an hour
  • This services are combined with whole-body cold-water ablution, as indicated in the cold-water rub.

It’s only applied between 11 am and 1 pm every day.